Play A Part

1st Impressions

Each week, our team has the opportunity to partner with other campus ministries to set the stage for a genuine encounter with Jesus. From a warm welcome when first arriving on campus, to a smile and conversation inside the doors and beyond, we know how to bring walls down and gently lead our guests into a place of receiving all that God wants to pour out over them.


Our greatest honor is equipping the next generation to walk in the freedom and authority they've received through Jesus. We believe no one is too young to impact the Kingdom, so we help them build their faith through solid teaching and empower them to boldly walk out their faith by sharing His love and kindness with others.

The Blaze (Youth Ministry)

Play a part in seeing young people transformed by the Presence of God, empowered as a carrier of revival, and infused in a healthy community of believers. All of this is a byproduct of our only goal: To become more like Jesus.


We utilize the gift of art and it's many forms to express God's heart of creativity and vibrancy! It is our mission to foster a comfortable, inviting, and lively atmosphere within our church building and to break through every barrier of what church "should look like." 

Exchange Media

We are a creative medium that connects people to the heart of God through vibrant imagery, sound, and experiences. Our imagination is the tool we use to cultivate heart transformational encounters between us and Jesus.

ExC Worship

We are a community of passionate believers who are committed to creatively expressing the heart of God through melodies, words, and the way we live our lives. We are the sound of our church. We are the cry of our city. We are the bridge that connects Heaven to earth.


We are a creative team of photographers & content creators dedicated to sharing our story and the stories of others that highlight God's love and faithfulness. Every story matters and reveals the heart of our Father.


We pursue excellence and understand the heart of servant-hood. We give our all behind the scenes to ensure that our campus remains a clean and distraction-free environment. It is our mission to steward what God has blessed us with well!

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