The Blaze

Youth Ministry

Who We Are

We exist to see young people transformed by the Presence of God, empowered as a carrier of revival, and infused in a healthy community of believers. All of this is a byproduct of our only goal: To become more like Jesus.

Color War 2024 (May 8th @ 6pm)

Color War 2024

Weekly Services

We meet every Wednesday from 7:30pm-9:00pm at The Exchange Church (in the back the building)!

The address is 1601 I-35 #305, Round Rock, TX 78664.


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Matchbox (Going Deeper with God)

How do we Keep The Fire Roaring? Jesus said we are the light of the world, a lamp that carries the light of God to the world so that as we shine, the people of the world will see God through us.

If we are a lamp filled with God’s light, how do we keep our light shining? We are oil lamps, and oil lamps require oil to keep their fire burning. We can’t make fire, we can only provide the oil and matches that brings the fire. In the same way, we can't control God, all we can do is live a lifestyle that keeps our heart and spirit sensitive to his Presence and His Voice. And that's why we're here!

We’ve collected excellent resources to equip you to live a lifestyle that is sensitive to His presence and through these tools you will find yourself fully prepared to know Him deeper and make Him known to those around you.

This is how we keep the fire roaring.

Let’s get started…