Who We Are

Our culture code that drives the mission to awaken and develop purpose in others.


We believe every Christian is called to share their story. Finding little opportunities every day to have intentional, yet casual, conversations about what God is doing in your life and at The Exchange will cause you to spiritually grow while creating a window for others to see Christ.

We believe we are called to reach across the street and across the world. We accomplish this through local and global outreach initiatives.

Every person that is in front of us at any given point is a gift and an opportunity. Sometimes we don't value the gift in front of us because we don't trust the gift inside of us.


We believe in using Scriptural principles to lead with wisdom and steward our lives well. This affects every area of our life: finances, family, time management, decision making, and more. We believe that God desires His people to be successful. The pursuit of wisdom establishes God’s best in our life.

Using what is right only succeeds when we reject what is wrong. You can still be under budget and not a good steward of resources.


“Honor” is defined as giving someone high regard or esteem, as well as counting something as a privilege. We believe that life-giving relationships happen when we celebrate the wins of others, invest in them, and value them. We choose to honor those around us.

In addition, we count it a privilege to partner with what God is doing in the Church. We serve faithfully and count it an honor, because we are ready to see His Kingdom come to earth.


We expect God to move among us. We arrive prepared to be used for His glory, knowing that His “super” will be added to our “natural.” We expect miracles, provision, insight, and favor. We fully expect that the Kingdom of Heaven will be advanced as we awaken greater. 

There should be equal emphasis on “gifts” and “fruit.” It all comes from the same Spirit, and unequal value creates distortion of His nature. Expect gifts to be released and fruit to grow.