Who We Are

Our core values that drive the mission to awaken and develop purpose in others.

The 5 E's


  • As we gather, we expect to encounter the presence and power of God.
  • Our preparedness reveals our level of expectation.
  • We ask God for the impossible.


  • We build leaders that build leaders.
  • What we are a part of is bigger than the part we play.
  • Salvation in one day, transformation in every day.


  • We are better together.
  • Disciples are built in a boat, not in a classroom.
  • No one does ministry alone.


  • We reach across the street and around the world.
  • You belong before you believe. You believe before you behave.
  • It's our job to share and His job to save.


  • We live a life of generosity.
  • The pursuit of wisdom establishes God's best in our lives.
  • We are all in, all the time.